is dedicated to elevating the status and knowledge of Tribe Mergini, the sea ducks, so that together, we can make sound, scientific management decisions to help these species thrive.

Recently posted sea duck research, articles and presentations Author(s)
2014 Kodiak Island Cooperative Goldeneye Nest Box Project Zwiefelhofer, Denny, Crye, John
A group movement model for waterfowl aggregation Silverman, Emily D.
Wintering Sea Duck Distribution Along the Atlantic Coast of the United States Silverman, Emily D., Saalfeld, D. T. , Leirness, J. B. , Koneff, Mark. D.
Managing North American Waterfowl in the Face of Uncertainty Nichols, James D., Johnson, Fred A., Williams, Byron K.
A Management Plan for Barrows Goldeneye Bucephala islandica Eastern Population Schmelzer, I.
Predation rates, timing, and predator compositionfor Scoters (Melanitta spp.) in marine habitats Anderson, Eric M. , Esler, Daniel, Boyd W. Sean, Evenson, Joseph R. , Nysewander, David R. , Ward, David H. , Dickson, Rian D. , Uher-Koch, Brian D. , VanStratt, Corey S. , Hupp, Jerry W.
Distribution and Abundance of Steller's Eider's In The Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska Jan-Feb 2001 Larned, William W., Zwiefelhofer, Denny
Testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a fall Steller’s eider molt survey in southwest Alaska Wilson, Heather M., Larned, William W., Bowman, Timothy, Fischer, Julian B.
Stellers Eider Spring Migration Surveys Southwest Alaska 2012 Larned, William W.
Monitoring Beaufort Sea Waterfowl and Marine Birds Aerial Survey Component Fischer, Julian B., Tiplady, Tim J. , Larned, William W.